Monthly Investment Plan (MIP)

You may think you can predict the behaviour of the stock market but remember, millions of others imagine they can do the same. Apply a little humility and ask yourself: can you really foresee the future? With a Monthly Investment Plan (MIP), also known as Regular Savings Plan (RSP), you can put aside guesswork and focus on true long-term potential. Learn about an MIP today!

Features of a Monthly Investment Plan

  • No minimum initial investment amount* required.
  • The monthly investment sum can be deducted by direct debit from your bank or CPF account(s).
  • Unit trusts are uniquely suitable for MIPs as they can be bought with fixed amounts, and at predetermined intervals.
  • You can decide when to start, or end your MIP* and there are usually no penalties incurred.
  • Amounts are determined individually depending on your personal financial situation and goals.
  • MIPs bring discipline to your investing.

*This may differ with each distributor and fund.

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